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Million-dollar Gift Sets Foundation for Dentistry Campaign

December 17, 2007

Dr. Ed Maag, a Cincinnati-based dentist, has made a commitment of $1 million to the College of Dentistry. The gift establishes the financial foundation for the College’s new and/or renovated building project.

Dr. Maag, a dentistry alumnus from the class of 1956, has set a  precedent with this gift. In recognition of his donation, the College’s new screening clinic and technology area will be renamed for Dr. Maag during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in January.

Dr. and Mrs. Maag have always felt a special connection to Ohio State. On Sept. 25, 1976, the two witnessed the #2 ranked Buckeyes fall to the unranked Missouri Tigers, but did not let it dampen their spirits. Shortly after the game, Dr. Maag made a proposal of marriage, and he and Mrs. Maag have been together ever since.

As he returns to OSU to present his million-dollar gift, he says it feels as though he has proposed again. “I feel like I am marrying the two great loves of my life: dentistry and Ohio State,” says Maag. He challenges other Ohio dentists to follow suit and "pay it forward" to the causes that are most important to them.

Maag’s classmates and friends were happy to hear the great news. “It’s wonderful to see somebody who has worked as long and hard as he has to turn around now and make such a generous donation,” says classmate Dr. Bill Black. “I would certainly hope that it will be a great stimulus… it is an inspiration to everybody.”

Born and raised in a small town near Cincinnati, Dr. Maag embodies the “American dream.” Classmates say that in dental school he did more crown preps in one day than all of the other students combined. As a son from a large family and a father of ten, he attributes his work ethic to his humble beginnings.

“Dentistry is almost like my hobby, I would do it on weekends if I could,” says Dr. Maag. He is still a regular practitioner of dentistry after more than 50 years as a dentist. “If you enjoy something, why would you want to do anything else?”

Interim Dean Carole Anderson was pleased to thank the donors in person. “Using the resources we have available, our goal is to find or create the best facility possible for the College,” Anderson said. “The gift from Dr. and Mrs. Maag will make a sizable difference in helping us achieve our goals.”

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