Dr. Alejandro Peregrina
Associate Professor
Rm # 3001-V
e-mail: peregrina.1@osu.edu
phone: (614) 247-8389                                                                                                

Educational Background:
Master of Science Degree- The Ohio State University College of Dentistry - 1984
Prosthodontics Certificate - The Ohio State University College of Dentistry - 1984
Doctor of Dental Surgery - Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico - 1981

Research Interests:
Restorative treatment protocols and choice of restorative materials and techniques outcomes
Impression materials research
Alternative alloy substitutes for AuPd alloys.
Tools to record patient data and patient teaching aids

Pre-clinical course in Fixed Prosthodontics (536.02)
Occlusion I course (433)
Case manager complex cases
Advanced Prosthodontic teaching

Recent Publications:
Land M, Peregrina A.  Anterior programming device fabrication using a thermoplastic material. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2003, 90:6:608-610.

Peregrina A., Land M.F., Feil P., Price C.  Effect of two types of latex gloves and surfactants on setting inhibition of three polyvinyl siloxane impression materials.  Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2003; 90:3: 289-292.


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