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"Topping off" Marks Construction Milestone

Alumni from around the country “tuned in” to the college’s construction camera on August 22 to watch another milestone in the Postle Hall expansion project: the “Topping Off” of the structural framework.

Painted white to distinguish it from all the other beams in the framework, the topping-off beam included the signatures of 455 students, staff, and faculty who will now be a part of the history of the building. A small pine tree, which is a construction tradition that symbolizes good luck and the end of the structural phase of the project, adorned the beam as it was hoisted into the air and firmly placed in its home near the south elevator bank of the new building.

We invite you to visit our construction webcam often to keep abreast of the exciting changes taking place as we continue Building on Strong Foundations. go.osu.edu/postlewebcam

The topping-off beam includes the signatures of 455 students, staff, and faculty