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Division of Periodontology

Volpe Prize
The VOLPE Prize, named in honor of Anthony Volpe, is a $3,500 U.S. Dollar award presented for the best clinical research in periodontology by students in dentistry. Learn more.

"Periodontology is a specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes." (American Academy of Periodontology).

Initiated in 1949, the postdoctoral program in advanced periodontics at Ohio State has always been a combination of clinical training with graduate education. As the oldest continuously operating periodontal graduate program in the nation, it has been responsible for educating not only quality clinicians but also nationally and internationally renowned academicians. 

This high degree of achievement has been substantiated by our graduates' thriving private practices, successful academic careers in teaching and research (e.g., professors and chairs of periodontology), outstanding work in the armed forces (e.g., Surgeon General of the Air Force) and exceptional service for organized dentistry (e.g., presidents of the American Dental Association, State Dental Associations, American Academy of Periodontology, Ohio Academy of Periodontology and Columbus Academy of Periodontology).

Our periodontal educational programs have a rich and outstanding history in research endeavors and scholastic honors, as well as training some of the finest periodontists in the world.