College of Dentistry CARE Program

Commitment to Access Resources and Education (CARE) Program

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is committed to increasing access to oral health care for all Ohio residents, especially those in Dental Professional Shortage Areas (DPSAs). As part of The Ohio State University’s longstanding mission of service learning, the College of Dentistry is working to address the number one unmet healthcare need in Ohio for children and adults in underserved areas -- access to dental care. The challenge of improving oral health in Ohio has become an increasingly widespread task with many intricate components. Engaging students in clinical practice, cultivating beneficial community partnerships and maintaining a commitment to rigorous academic research drive our promise of preparing the best and brightest in the dental field. Building relationships between the community and the College of Dentistry will serve as a catalyst for increasing the number of dental professionals in shortage areas.

With the implementation of the CARE program, the College of Dentistry looks to recruit students from Ohio’s underserved communities and federally-designated Dental Professional Shortage Areas who are most likely to help improve access to dental care by establishing practices in those areas after graduation. This strategic approach to reducing oral health care disparities and inspiring newfound interest in the dental profession will create one long-term solution to help address the problem of access to dental care for Ohioans.

Important Dates

Application and Letters of Recommendation Deadline

November 15, 2024 (by 11:59 p.m.)

Why participate in the program?

The College of Dentistry’s Commitment to Access Resources and Education (CARE) Program is designed to increase access to oral health care in Ohio. As a CARE Program dental student, you will further develop your level of social awareness and problem solving abilities so that you can return to your hometown or another area in which the oral health care needs of the community are underserved. Working with dedicated faculty and staff in the college, along with active communication with your hometown dental practitioners and other healthcare professionals, you will learn how to increase opportunities for providing dental care in communities in need.

Through the CARE Program, participants can expect monthly professional development meetings and workshops, networking opportunities, mentoring and active community engagement, and learning about new concepts to engage underserved communities through education. CARE Program graduates will be prepared for leadership roles as dental professionals, health care innovators, and members of the communities in which they provide Ohioans with much-needed access to oral health care.

Tuition Assistance: CARE students will be eligible for a scholarship of $10,000 that is renewable annually for students in good academic standing. 

Program Manager

Rachel Whisler, B.S., M.P.H.