CARE Program Application Process

Eligibility: Interested applicants must apply to The Ohio State University College of Dentistry's pre-doctoral dental program through AADSAS: meet the program's minimum criteria for acceptance; submit the pre-doctoral dental program's supplemental application online; complete the CARE program application; and submit the required letters described below. Up to 10 qualified Ohio applicants will be admitted to the CARE program each year.

Candidates who are accepted into the CARE program must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current or former resident of a federally-designated Dental Professional Shortage Area (DPSA) in the State of Ohio. Please check check here to see if you are from one of these designated areas.
  • Demonstrate a strong desire and commitment to practice dentistry in an underserved community in Ohio.
  • Have experience working or volunteering at a community-based program that supports a public need (e.g., food bank, health clinic, mission trip)
  1. *CARE Program Application: Candidates must apply to the CARE Program through the College of Dentistry's CARE Program application
  2. Letter of Intent: Candidates must submit a letter of intent that elaborates on one or more of the following topics:
    • The community in which they envision practicing ten years after graduation from dental school
    • Attributes of their hometown community that influenced their personal development
    • Aspects of their hometown that could be changed to benefit the community
    • Specific examples of their public service that benefited their hometown community
    • Experiences related to their childhood dentist/dental care that impacted their decision to become a dental professional
    • If they have never resided in a Dental Professional Shortage Area, describe experience serving in a DPSA and how that experience has influenced future goals
  3. Letter of reference: Candidates must have a letter of reference submitted on their behalf from a leader in their local community, e.g., medical or other professional, member of the clergy, local politician.
  4. Letter of support: Candidates must have a letter of support submitted on their behalf by a practicing dentist in one of Ohio's federally-designated Dental Professional Shortage Areas (DPSAs).
  5. Application materials: Non-electronic letters of intent, reference, and support should be submitted to the attention of:

Rachel Whisler, B.S., M.P.H.
Program Manager