Dental Alumni Society and Membership Benefits

A Note from Tara L. Haid, ‛01 DDS,
President-elect of the Dental Alumni Society

Dear Fellow Alumni,

It is great to be a Buckeye! Although we are all going through different challenges during this pandemic, one thing that has not changed is our buckeye pride and desire for camaraderie.  Given our current situation, many of us have called on fellow alumni to help us navigate through each obstacle that has been thrown at us from shutting down, finding PPP lenders, or just finding PPE. 

Yet, in times of adversity, it is important to find the silver lining. For me, it is feeling appreciative for all that we have and who we have in our lives.  It is a time to not take things for granted and know that every day is a gift.  It is in our nature to be resilient and never give up, or else we would never tell anyone (for the 100th time) to keep flossing!

Currently, your Dental Alumni Society has found itself in unfamiliar territory trying to help connect our alumni to each other and to our students.  Since we are still unable to meet in person, we will be using other digital platforms in an attempt to reconnect.  If you have not done so already, please email Amanda Jovanovich at and update your contact information so that we can keep you up to date on any future activities.  As we look forward to what the future brings, we are planning events for the next year, including a reception at the new College of Dentistry building, an Alumni event for the Memorial Golf Tournament, an Alumni Tailgate for the Homecoming football game, and Alumni receptions at dental conventions.

As a society, we support our dental students and alumni, but we cannot do this without your support as a member.  If you are not already, please consider becoming a Lifetime member.  You may do this with a one-time payment or using a payment plan by going to our website:  To our current members, I say, ”Thank you,” for your continued support.  We are a strong Buckeye nation, and we are stronger together!

Go Bucks!

Tara L. Haid, ‛01 DDS
President-elect, Dental Alumni Society

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