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Our SMS team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service in biological monitoring. Our services include both spore testing and waterline testing. Compare our value-added benefits to what our competitors offer and you will see that SMS is the one clear choice.


Our Services

  • spore testing since 1982
  • control strips included
  • gram stain verification of failures
  • immediate failure notification by phone
  • failure troubleshooting
  • monthly reports

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SMS Spore Testing


A spore testing kit is used to monitor your sterilization equipment.  One kit is ordered per sterilizer.  Each kit includes 52 testing envelopes.  Step-by-step instructions on how to use the testing envelopes and how to complete spore testing is included. One spore test per week is mailed to SMS and processed.  For steam sterilizers, test results and reports are now available online within 24 hours of processing. 


SMS Waterline Testing 



Your office is testing sterilizers as mandated by the state dental board, but are you also testing waterlines as recommended by the CDC?  The CDC recommends that dental practices regularly test waterlines. While compliance is important, ensuring the health and safety of your patients and protecting the reputation of your practice is critical.  Via waterline testing, SMS provides you with an accurate count of total bacteria in your waterlines and provides recommendations based on CDC guidelines.

SMS spore | check 



--- SPORE | CHECK was formerly known as the SMS Client Portal ---

For all of your testing and online ordering needs, SMS uses Salesforce, a company that makes cloud-based software designed for businesses.  Our customized web-based platform (or spore | check) allows you to place secure online orders, access test results, order history, account information and monthly reports all in one convenient location. SMS spore | check is essentially where you can securely "check" on everything related to your "spore" tests and orders.

Unlike a website, spore | check is only available to SMS clients and requires an email and password to log in.  One office email must be registered with SMS to set up your account.   To access the log in, click on the link below.  You may also access the log in by clicking the red button labeled as spore | check that appears on our webpages.  If you need help with the SMS spore | check set-up, or need additional information, contact us at 614-292-6737. 

spore | check  log-in for tests, reports, orders

SMS Reminders & Testing Tips


To help keep you in compliance, SMS provides you with reminder emails and testing tips.

Reminders | Automated E-Mails

  • Time to Reorder 
    SMS sends automated email reminders to clients who are due to reorder. No more waiting until you are down to your final test to place a new order.
  • No Test Received 
    SMS sends an automated email notice to clients who have not submitted a spore test for processing within the past 14 days.

Testing Tip | Dry Heat Ovens

  • for a dry heat sterilizer, please place your spore strip inside a sterilization pouch before running the sterilization cycle 
  • this prevents the glassine envelope covering the spore trip from drying and cracking
  • for dry heat sterilization pouch suggestions, contact us at 614-292-6737