Kim Hammersmith, DDS, MPH, MS, and Colleagues Receive Award for Program of Excellence in Engaged Scholarship

Dr. Kim Hammersmith is an Associate Professor-Clinical in the Division of Pediatric Dentistry, and she is the Director of the Advanced Education Program in Pediatric Dentistry for the College of Dentistry and at Nationwide Children's Hospital. In that role, she provides instruction for pre-doctoral students and pediatric dentistry residents, while also caring directly for pediatric dental patients and supporting outreach activities in the community.
Motivated by a concern for the underserved and vulnerable pediatric populations for whom she and her colleagues provide dental care, Dr. Hammersmith submitted a proposal that was funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The project is titled "From Classroom to Clinic," and it highlights collaborations among different areas of Ohio State’s Health Sciences, including the Colleges of Dentistry and Public Health and Nationwide Children's Hospital in the effort to care for underserved communities and provide unique resident training experiences. 

The project was recently recognized as a “Program of Excellence in Engaged Scholarship,” which was presented by Ohio State’s Office of Engagement and Outreach. The award is given to projects that demonstrate excellence in community-engaged scholarship and meet the criteria of high-impact engaged scholarship.

Dr. Hammersmith, Provost Karla Zadnik and Dean Carroll Ann Trotman
Dr. Hammersmith (center) with Interim Executive Vice President and Provost Karla Zadnik (left) and Dean Carroll Ann Trotman at the awards luncheon for Programs of Excellence in Engaged Scholarship