Recent Grants and Awards

In FY20, the Dentistry Office of Research facilitated submission of approximately 36 grants and contracts (budgets, editing, scientific review, subcontracts, or other submissions). For FY20, a total of 31 awards totaling $4.8 million was granted to investigators conducting research in 8 of 9 Divisions within the College. The Office processed PA005’s and submitted progress reports. The Grants and Contracts Administrator managed active projects with approximately $2.2 million in expenditures, performed budget projections, worked with the Office of Human Resources to appoint personnel appropriately to projects, and followed up on outstanding Conflict of Interest disclosures, effort certifications, and personnel justifications.

Michael Chavez
Functional domains of bone sialoprotein in dentoalveolar development and healing + Child care supplement. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. $45,936

David Collins, BS
Association Between Empathy and Academic Performance Among Undergraduate Dental Hygiene Students. International Federation of Dental Hygienists. $956

Bryant Cornelius, DDS / Robert Schmenk, DDS
Prevalence of burnout among dental anesthesiology residents. American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists. $550

Brian Foster, PhD / Fatma Mohamed
Hypophosphatasia research grant. Soft Bones, Inc. $25,000

Kimberly Hammersmith, DDS, MPH, MS
Postdoctoral Training in General, Pediatric and Public Health Dentistry and Dental Hygiene. HRSA. $504,940

Do-Gyoon Kim, PhD
Injectable hybrid dental implant system. HuMed Lifesciences Corp. $40,000

Do-Gyoon Kim, PhD
Site-specific postmenopausal characteristics of jaw bone. American Association of Orthodontists Foundation. $30,000

Damian Lee, DDS, MS
Error Analysis Of Stages Involved In CBCT-Guided Implant Placement With Surgical Guides When Different Printing Technologies Are Used. American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics. $5,000

Lisa Lang, DDS, MS, MBA
Post market safety studies. International Consulting Associates, Inc. $200,883

Susan Mallery, DDS, PhD
Chemoprevention by Black Raspberry of Oral Cancer Induced by Tobacco Carcinogens: Translational Studies. Pennsylvania State University. $25,464

Susan Mallery, DDS, PhD
Formulation, evaluation, and Phase 0 trial of nanoparticle releasing oral thin film forOSCC chemoprevention. National Cancer Institute. $581,591

Luiz Meirelles, DDS, MS, PhD
Bone Healing and Peri-Implant Health Around a Novel Implant System. Zimmer, Inc. $226,486

Beau Meyer, DDS, MPH
Interactive game-based clinical training for vulnerable and underserved populations. HRSA. $450,000

Irina Novopoltseva, MBA
Palatal injections using the Dentapen. Delta Dental Plan of Michigan, Inc. $6,500

Kazune Pax
Mommyomics and Babyomics - Effect of Gestational Diabetes on the Developing Infant Microbiome. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. $42,920

Sarah Peters, PhD
Mechanisms regulating afferent innervation in the dental pulp. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. $260,428

Michelle Scott
Nicotine-free and nicotine-containing E-cigarettes differentially alter microbial colonization dynamics. International and American Associations for Dental Research. $2,100

Susan Travers, PhD
Supplement - A confectionary-based screening tool for assessing chemosensory loss in COVID-19 patients. National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. $305,085

Carroll Ann Trotman, BDS, MA, MS
3D Dynamic and patient-centered outcomes of facial reanimation surgery in patients with facial paralysis. National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. $671,464