About Our Free CE

A unique benefit that no other biological monitoring service offers.

Everyone in your office has the opportunity to earn eight (8) free CE credits per year via online self-study courses. Four 2-hour self-study online courses are offered per year. Through SMS, you have an opportunity to complete the bulk of your required Ohio biennium CE credits at no cost. Effective April 2023*, the total CE hours required by the OSDB has been reduced for dentists and hygienists. Earn 16 of 30 required credits as a dentist and 16 of 20 required credits as a hygienist. This represents a substantial reduction in your annual and biennium CE costs. Based on CE cost of $25/credit, you can save $200 per year and $400 per biennium in your out-of-pocket CE costs. Beginning in March 2023, enjoy using Learning Stream (an enhanced online CE platform) to improve you user experience. 

*Effective 4.6.23, House Bill 509 reduces the number of required CE hours for dentists and dental hygienists. Effective this biennium cycle (ending 12.31.23) --- dentists are required to complete 30 hours and dental hygienists are required to complete 20 hours.

Self-Study Courses

Our free online self-study CE courses are offered four times per year. Unlike previous SMS CE courses, each course in 2024 will now be available for 12 weeks. To complete the course at no charge, you must submit your answer form by the deadline. Once your answers are submitted, you will be given a link to print your CE Certificate. Once a course deadline has passed, courses may be purchased from the College of Dentistry Office of Continuing Dental Education. You may also find more information by visiting dentistry.osu.edu/ce

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry is an American Dental Association (ADA) Continuing Education Recognized Provider (CERP) and an Ohio State Dental Board permanent sponsor of continuing education courses.

2024 Courses

2024 CE COURSE 1  |  April

TOPIC: Exploring the "Pro" in Probiotics
AUTHOR:  Mason M. Colón, BSDH, MDH 

Start / End Dates

4/23/2024 – 7/23/2024

2023 Courses

2023 CE COURSE 4  |  December

TOPIC: Dive in! Dental Waterlines
AUTHOR:  Mason M. Colón, BSDH, MDH 

Start / End Dates

Thursday 12/21/23 - Friday 3/29/24

2023 CE COURSE 3  |  October

TOPIC: A New Era
Dental Imaging Updates and Extraoral Bitewings
AUTHOR:  Mason M. Colón, BSDH, MDH 

Start / End Dates

Thursday 10/19/23 - Tuesday 12/31/23